Solar Energy Solutions

The Sun is a virtually inexhaustible source of energy. It is now being harnessed as the largest source of renewable energy worldwide. Solar photovoltaic cells have now emerged as the dominant technology for electrical energy generation. By virtue of continuous developments in technology worldwide, the cost of solar electrical energy has come down substantially.

Industry / Business is the largest consumer of electricity.  For virtually every business, productivity is directly linked to availability of power. Power cost is also a significant chunk of operating expenses. For a power starved country like India, Solar energy can be a great panacea.

ResposeIndia is a system integrator for Industrial grade solar power solutions. We offer comprehensive solution using the best technologies from worlds leading manufacturers.  We specialize in rooftop and ground mount solar PV solutions for Industry, Education and Healthcare sector. We are trained and GOLD Certified by Tata Power Solar, arguably the best Power company in India.

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