E-Waste Resposal Plant


Respose flagship product is RUDRA– our e-Waste resposal plant family. These plants are designed to suit the requirements of Indian e-waste recyclers. Considering that collection is highly fragmented and individual collection capabilities are limited this plant is built in a completely modular fashion starting at a capacity as low as 600 Kg per shift (75 kg per hour). The same plant can scale upto four times it’s size with additional modules.

The RUDRA family comes in 4 variants RUDRA 1000-P is a low automation, low capacity plant where the movement of the goods between machines is done manually. Capacity is upto 75 Kg per hour.

RUDRA 2000-PS is a semi automated plant for PCBs where most of the movement of goods between machines is done automatically. Capacity is upto 150 Kg per hour. (1.2 ton per shift)

RUDRA 2000-PA is a completely automated plant for PCBs with a capacity of 150 Kg per hour.

RUDRA 2000-C is a completely automated plant for cables only with a capacity of 150 Kg per hour.

The rest of the RUDRA series is under development. Watch this space for announcements on PCB-Cables Combo plant, Fully automated whole equipment resposal plant, Large Format WEEE resposal plant.

The RUDRA Family has the potential to revolutionize the e-waste recycling industry in India which today is largely under the informal sector due to prohibitive costs of high capacity imported machines.

Apart from these plants, we have
SHOOL 10 : Hard Disk Breaker (Manual). Portable device that a single person can carry around.
SHOOL 50 : Hard Disk Breaker (Electrically powered) Besides that, we can design and supply plants of higher capacity against specific requirement.
CHAKRA 100 : CFL/Bulbs/ Tubes destruction and metal recovery machine.

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