Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a burgeoning problem in every country of the world. With growing effluence, the consumption patterns are changing rapidly and with increased consumption, the heap of refuse is also increasing at an alarming pace. In countries such as India where the awareness levels are extremely low, coupled with other socio-economic problems, the issue of MSW handling and disposal is even more complex and challenging.

More often than not, we have comingled waste instead of waste properly separated at source as in case of many advanced countries. In case of India and most other developing and underdeveloped countries getting people to sort out their waste before disposal is almost wishful thinking. A more practical solution therefore is to collect the waste quickly and do the sorting later efficiently using different sorting technologies.

MSW sorted at the dumping yard can be tapped for trapped value in terms of resources and energy. Respose provides consulting and some of the technology products used in this process. We are rapidly expanding products in this area.