e-Waste or WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) or e-scrap comprises of all equipment using electrical or electronic parts. Any equipment with electrical or electronic components becomes ‘e-waste’ after its usable life. Such end of life may happen due to many reasons such as technology obsolescence, functional damage, higher repair costs, redundancy of needs etc.

Such out of use e-waste is rich in basic elements and precious metals. If it is dumped and exposed to soil and moisture, a slow process of degeneration starts. In this process, ionic cells are formed between the metal and soil molecules leading to a slow leaching. This gradually poisons the soil and makes it completely infertile and hazardous to health. Also, many unorganized sector recyclers use crude methods for recovering precious metals. Due to such methods, there is a significant amount of land, air and water pollution that can lead to several health problems.

        Health hazards of e-waste

Respose enables recyclers to process e-waste in a environmentally friendly method. Apart from that, we also ensure a much higher efficiency of recovery of both base and precious metals.

        Resposal versus Recycling