Resposal = Responsible Disposal.

Resposal/r?'spo?z?l/noun, Responsible (environmentally) disposal, act of disposing trash in an environmentally responsible manner.

A product goes through production, consumption and disposal stages as the main stages in it’s lifecycle. However, the longest lasting stage is usually the disposal stage, sometimes extending into centuries. For example the natural decomposition cycle for disposed plastic is virtually endless. Same is true for e-waste or tyres. Certain components of municipal solid waste may decompose into their basic ingredients much faster than others, however not without environmental degradation.

Resposal means enabling disposal of products in a responsible fashion. Essentially in the disposal stage it helps to recover the retained value in the product before assisting the complete decomposition.

Resposal results in rapid clean-up of waste, significant reduction in pollution taking place by uncontrolled decomposition, significant environmental protection by virtue recovery of basic resources, reduction in potential non-environment friendly activities such as mining and a significant source of revenue for a clean green economic progress.

      Resposal versus Recycling