Manufacturing of goods and services is the basis of the entire economic activity of mankind. Production, consumption and disposal are the 3 inevitable stages of all goods produced. Regulatory pressures, economic incentives, increasing environmental sensitivity and social awareness are forcing production processes to go green. By virtue of product features, economics of usage, and some amount of environmental awareness, consumption is also becoming more and more environment friendly. However disposal is yet to be aligned towards environment friendly practices.

Of the major causes of environmental impact, unregulated and informal disposal of waste is most important and its threat is on the rising spiral. Managing waste through Responsible Disposal – Resposal – methods is the prime aim of our business. However, waste does not just comprise of used, consumed or spent products alone, but also includes wastage due to non consumption. Attacking waste generation at source and managing non consumption wastage by taking Responsible Position – Resposition & ndash; on usage of resources is the other aspect of our business. Hence the name Respose.

Waste is disguised wealth. It has a lot of intrinsic value. Our endeavor is to unlock the potential value of different types of waste by recovering the elements that are used in their original composition. This will have a larger impact on conserving natural resources rather than reducing and reusing old equipment.

From this perspective we have modeled Respose as a company dedicated to

      Waste Management

      Renewable Energy and Energy from Waste

      Resource Reclamation