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What is the big deal about e-Waste?

India produced 8 million tons of electronic waste in 2009. In 2012, the number may cross 12 million tons. No big deal. With a population of  1.3 billion, it  means a mere 10 Kgs per capita !

The big deal is here. Click for complete article.

The Unsung Heroes of Waste Management

India is a strange country. On one side we have the spotlessly clean malls, high profile residential complexes, shining chrome and glass office buildings and on the other side, reflected in the same chrome and glass is the stink of defecation,  mess of the slums and huge piles of garbage collected from the upmarket areas and dumped unceremoniously…Click to read the article

Why “Green” is(?) expensive ?

Green Products, organic foods, recyclable paper, recyclable plastic, articles made from recycled waste material etc are flooding the style statement shelves of upmarket shopping malls. Most people who buy such products drive expensive fuel guzzlers, often forget to switch off their ACs, and most probably draw the shades and light up their homes in day times…click here for complete article

 To Respose – a new verb?

Waste management can be done in two ways. One, by managing the waste that is already created and two, by minimizing the creation of waste. Both as per us are effective waste management techniques. Click here for the complete article