Respose Product philosophy is based on a simple principle of making technology suitable for the Indian business environment. We understand the Indian marketplace, the business dynamics, the entrepreneurs’ mind set, etc.

Most Indian businesses classify as emerging businesses. The key for such enterprises is to be able to work on a small scale with the efficiency and quality capability of the large players. Smaller scales mean that the machines should also be extremely cost effective. Therefore the cornerstone of our product strategy is ‘keep it small, simple and affordable’.

The entire recycling or resposal concept is based on destruction of waste and recreation or recovery of material or energy from the waste. Therefore our resposal plants are named after the Indian mythological heroes RUDRA, SHIVA and KALI, the gods of destruction of evil and restorers of peace and tranquility.

All Products from Respose come with a standard 1 year on site warranty. After the basic product warranty, a post warranty support contract is available if required.