From an environmental perspective, the ‘3 R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle or sometimes the ‘4R’s including refurbish are being talked about as the panacea to the problem of waste. However, while practicing the 3 or 4 R’s it is critical to evaluate responsibly the outcome of the practice. Reuse of everything may perhaps not be the right from the environmental or health perspective. A total ban on plastics is certainly bound to push mankind many decades backward. Reduction in usage beyond a point may hamper productivity and economic growth. Recycling without a sense of responsibility towards the environment is more damaging than not getting into recycling at all.

This is where Respose wishes to make a difference by introducing Responsibility in the Recycling process right upto disposal, the last part of the recycling chain. We look at the goal of resposal – responsible disposal as the ultimate objective of all our efforts in mainstreaming the recycling processes.

Our Clean Energy initiative spearheaded by Solar Solutions is a continuation of the same philosophy. We help industries, schools and hospitals harness the sunlight wasted on their rooftops and convert it into solar energy thus saving on energy bills. Thr typical ROI of a decently sized project can be 4-5 years depending on various considerations.