Operations and Business Process Consulting

Best Practices in collection and transportation
Since this is a new industry, “best practices” as such are not established. Therefore, this section will include suggestions on minimum lot sizes and mode of transport, nature of consignment mix that must be collected, Route planning and scheduling methods, tight integration of the supply chain elements and the logistics.
Classification Process and Best Practices
Capacity planning for warehousing, aggregation and segregation process at warehouse or elsewhere, incoming inventory control mechanisms, various classification methods, their dependencies and dependent downstream processes, storage and handling, handling disposables, etc. are meticulously documented in this section.
Operational Process flow – end to end
Administrative and Shopfloor Processes all captured in one snap shot, Broad compartmentalization of roles and responsibilities, breakup of operational process into independent functions.
Shopfloor Processes
Batch scheduling, Batch mix preparation, plant pre run preparation, plant run monitoring, plant post run activities, training requirements and scheduling for on-plant operations, plant maintenance, Capacity planning for each stage, Critical Paths, Process Bottlenecks and methods to balance the process, Shop floor design.
Manpower Planning
Based on the technology, equipment, and shop floor processes, manpower required at each stage is calculated. This will assist in staffing decisions. A cost benefit analysis of capital and labour may also be done for taking staffing decisions.
Plant Design and Layout

In all the above sections we also suggest measurements and control structures for performance evaluation and continuous improvement.

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